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A Janathon Beginner


After lurking quietly on the blogs of Janathon participants for the past 18 months I finally decided at 6pm on New Year’s Eve to join them. I had changed my mind by 11pm but it was too late. I’ve committed. I am here.

I doubt that I will run every day, my ankle and ITB won’t tolerate it, but I plan to do something: The cross training I avoid, strengthening, stretching and yoga.

For the first day of Janathon I went along to Glasgow parkrun in Pollok Park. It was colder than at home and ice had formed on many of the more exposed paths including the first 500m of the route. So the alternate start point was used which means three trips up the hill instead of the usual two.


My ankle and I took it easy and I’m sure that it will be my slowest parkrun (of 7). But that’s fine, I was there, I ran and now I’ve blogged. A good start to Janathon!




2 thoughts on “A Janathon Beginner

  1. I remember the cows, er cattle? er they seem to demand a more respectful term? I went to Pollok Park for a conference outing a few years ago, it is lovely! Well done for getting out.

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