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Janathon Day 3 – A swim


Growing up in Australia I loved swimming. Summer days were spent in the pool and I followed the swimming legends of the 90s (not literally because that would be weird but I did cut out magazine articles about them and got up at 3am to watch the Olympics on telly). I trained with a squad and was competent at most strokes though never fast. 

But then I lost interest. Getting to a pool seemed like too much effort and before I knew it 15 years had passed without swimming a single lap. Even swims to cool off on a hot day were few and far between.

In October 2012 I started swimming again following a flare up of an ankle injury. I managed once a week for four weeks then gave up again. I enjoyed the first half hour but then it felt like a drag and it was easy to find excuses. But cross training is one of my Janathon goals and since the weather today was foul it really was the perfect opportunity to go for a swim. So I went at 8:30 this morning, had a lane to myself and managed 1400m. I even quite enjoyed it.

Then I came home and rewarded myself with a hot chocolate and chunk of panettone for breakfast: 



This afternoon I did a shorter version of my core-strength programme. So my Janathon totals so far are:

Run:  4.8 miles

Swim: 1400m

Core: 2


3 thoughts on “Janathon Day 3 – A swim

  1. That’s why I don’t swim I always want to eat a horse when I get out, defeats the object really

  2. I go for years between swims, but always enjoy them when they happen. I think it’s the faff factor. Swimming for half an hour takes at least an hour and a half once you’ve got there, changed, showered, swum, showered, changed and got back.

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