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Janathon Day 4 – Victoria parkrun


One of my 2013 goals was to go to a parkrun once a month. I made it to Glasgow parkrun in June and did not get to another until October when Victoria parkrun started less than a mile from my flat. I ran the inaugural and was immediately hooked. I have now run 8 including another 2 back at Glasgow parkrun (Pollok Park). 

With this new enthusiasm and inspired by the parkrun tourism exploits of Abradypus, I’ve set myself a 2014 goal of running all the parkruns in Scotland. There are currently 12, with at least another one in the pipeline for north Glasgow. Most are in the central belt of Scotland, so easy distance from Glasgow and for the others I will have an excuse to visit some new towns and cities.

Today I ran Victoria parkrun, which is a three lap course around a pond and fossil grove. I took a 2 mile route to get there and then ran the course at a moderate pace, picking it up a little for the last lap. I was on course for about 30:30 minutes when in the lat 20 metres my tummy rebelled suddenly and I vomited into the bushes in full view of all the finishing marshalls. I recovered as quickly as it occurred and finished for a time of 31:18. I ran home the shortest way possible for a total distance of 5.7 miles. 

Even though I feel absolutely fine, I’ve used it as an excuse to spend the rest of the day on the sofa with my hot water bottle 🙂

Run: 10.5 miles

Swim: 1400m

Core: 2

Scottish parkruns: 2/12


5 thoughts on “Janathon Day 4 – Victoria parkrun

  1. Parkrun, sofa, hot water bottle, bliss

  2. Excellent decision – enjoy your tourism 🙂

  3. Brilliant resolution, look forward to your adventures. Class tummy episode too, full marks 😉

  4. Very impressed with your multisport approach!

  5. Awesome idea re the parkruns!!! Might just give that a whirl myself!!

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