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Janathon Day 5: It’s Dreich Out There

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Last year I wanted to improve the consistency of my running mileage, aiming for a base of about 16 miles/week. It took me to July to achieve this but I sustained it to the end of the year (give or take the odd week of holiday, illness and race recovery) for a total of 700 miles for the year. This was nearly 200 miles more than 2012.

My goal for 2014 is a base of 18 miles/week, aiming for 900 miles for the year. I’m not quite brave enough to put 1000 miles…

Today I made absolutely no contribution to that target mileage. I don’t have the excuse of heavy rain and flooding but it was dreich out there (my favourite Scottish word) so I did the sensible thing and stayed inside. My full core-strength programme met my Janathon commitment. 


One thought on “Janathon Day 5: It’s Dreich Out There

  1. Ahhhh but was it ‘truly dreich’ ? Hope tomorrow is undreich so you can set to work on that mileage goal

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