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Janathon Day 6 – Yoga Sardines

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This evening I started an 8 week beginner’s yoga course. It is called a “start up” class and begins very slowly, breaking down the poses into elements and gradually, week to week building on them and linking them together. I did the same class 18 months ago and enjoyed it but didn’t continue after the course ended so thought it was worth repeating, with the determination that I will continue through the year.  

The course was advertised as having a maximum of 12 people (other classes at the centre are cheaper but with up to 20) so I was irritated tonight to find that there were 18 of us squished into the room. Definitely more chance of wacking the person next to you, though maybe this is a normal risk in yoga classes. I’m still trying to decide if I care enough to email and complain.

Anyway, the class was good, and even though it was an easy start, I was definitely tight, particularly through my lower back and hamstrings.

I got home from work at 5pm and didn’t need to leave for yoga until after 7pm, so I went for a 3mile run. It was dry and mild but felt harder than an easy run should.  I won’t be making a habit of this double Janathoning  🙂

Stats to Date:

Running: 13.5 miles

Swim: 1400m

Core: x3


One thought on “Janathon Day 6 – Yoga Sardines

  1. Double ‘thonning! well done, and I find crowded yoga very stressful, I spend more time worrying about sticking my bum in people’s noses than making sure my chakras are unruffled.

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