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Janathon Day 9 – Club Night

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My club runs on a Thursday evening at 7pm. They’re a friendly and inclusive bunch who usually take good care of the slower runners. I enjoy my runs with them and know I get a lot out of going along such as pushing my pace and meeting new people. After a run I’m usually home at about 8:20, then there is stretching, foam rolling, icing my ankle and finally dinner sometime after 9pm.

The problem is that I get home from work at 5pm. If I run as soon as I get home I will be back about 6pm, dinner at 7 and curled up on the sofa not long after. In winter the lure of the sofa is frequently too, too great.

So tonight I ran 3.5 miles on my own. Looks like the sofa won again!

Janathon Stats:

Running: 21.3 miles

Core-Strength: 5

Swimming: 1400 metres


One thought on “Janathon Day 9 – Club Night

  1. The lure of sofa too great for me in the evening, that’s why I run in the morning.

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