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Janathon Day 13 – Yoga Dude

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This evening was my second yoga class and unlike last week I did not run before hand. The course information suggests not having a meal before class so, dutiful child that I am, I have my dinner when I get home and instead spend the several hours between work and class eating crisps, sweets and a yoghurt. I may need to rethink that.

Last night I was woken right on midnight by what sounded like knocking on my door. It scared the crap out of me and took me awhile to get back to sleep. I’m pretty sure it was either the people in the flat above moving furniture or the end of a fight between the woman next door and her son. Anyway, it took me awhile to get back to sleep so I was quite tired this evening and struggled to pay attention in class. Thankfully the yoga dude (there may be a more formal name for him, but I wasn’t listening) goes slowly and repeats all the poses multiple times. I’m enjoying it. The plan this week is to try to practise what I’m learning.


One thought on “Janathon Day 13 – Yoga Dude

  1. I’d just stick with Yoga Dude… I suffer from the same issues of Forgetyournameitis! I have Physio Fella, Osteo Lady, Osteo Dude… profession and gender is quite sufficient!

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