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Janathon Day 14 –


I’ve always been something of a homebody (though ‘home’ has moved itself to the other side of the world), generally preferring to stick with what is familiar and safe. Take my running routes for example; I have a handful of routes that have slightly different lengths and purposes but involve many of the same streets and hills. My long run route is generally the same each time, just with extra bits added at the start to increase the mileage but finishing the same way (until I got so sick of one stretch that the mere thought of it made my stomach sink). However my evening routes are not particularly photogenic so in an attempt to brighten up this 14th post I headed off in a different direction this evening looking for a nice Victorian public building, preferably floodlit. So here is the Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery.  


Kelvingrove (possibly not its best angle)

To get this I had to run along Dumbarton Rd, one of my least favourite pavements in this area mostly because of the endless people and traffic lights that need to be negotiated. I ran 3.15 miles, then came home and did a shortened version of my core-strengthening plus icing and stretching.


Running: 24.45

Swimming: 2900 metres

Core-Strengthening: 8

(Not in the photo is the large group of runners that ran under the awning just as I arrived!)


2 thoughts on “Janathon Day 14 –

  1. Loved Kelvingrove when I visited Glasgow a couple of years ago. I went for a run which included a stretch in the park next door as I recall. Thanks for the photo!

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