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Janathon Day 18 – Victoria parkrun (again)


I had planned to begin my parkrun tourism this morning with a trip to Tollcross parkrun in Glasgow’s East end, however I read the course outline over breakfast and discovered that it was ‘hilly’. Oh well, I thought, I can’t run hills at the moment, and it’s too late to go anywhere else so back to my local at Vicotoria.

Ahhh, excuses. If only pound coins were as easy to find!

I ran a steady 5k, pushing the 3rd lap a little harder. I was pleased with my time of 30:02 which is my fastest this year AND I managed to keep my breakfast down in the finishing straight. With the run to the park and back my total today was 4.7 miles.


Running: 33.55 miles

Swimming: 2900 metres

Cycling: 9.6 miles

Core-strengthening: 10

It is now time for some decadent rewarding:


4 thoughts on “Janathon Day 18 – Victoria parkrun (again)

  1. Wow that ice cream looks yummy. Congrats on your Parkrun


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