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Janathon Day 22 – The voices in my head

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Today was just a core strength session, but  part way through the first set of lunges a little voice in my mind said “enough, do it another time, our legs are tired, just finish the lunges, that’s enough for Janathon”. 

I can’t deny that I listened to that little voice and was very tempted. But then the other little voice started saying “but it will be easier to do it now than tomorrow after a run, legs are only a little bit tired, just do another set…now do another…just do the planks now…you only have a couple more things to do.” And it was done.

I think I prefer the first voice!


One thought on “Janathon Day 22 – The voices in my head

  1. Yours is a sneaky voice… it sounds like it speaks in a calm, level almost soothing tone, using logic and reason to make you stop. Mine just shouts at me and calls me names :(… I think I prefer your first voice too!

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