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Janathon Day 23 – Running Club at last


My resistance to my own excuses was high tonight and so I made it along to my running club for the first time since about November. My car and multiple weather apps said 3.5C so I pulled out the buff and gloves for only the second or third time this winter.

There are usually 3 groups on a Thursday night, a beginners 5k group, a 4 mile group and 6 mile group. I can run 6 miles comfortably but not anywhere close to the pace of the folk who run at running club. Even in the 4 mile group I am usually at the back, though keeping up with them is a big goal for me and a big motivator for going along to club nights (though clearly not big enough since I’ve not been in months!). 

My default pace when I’m on my own is about 10:30 min/mile, and it does not seem to have changed much over the last couple of years. I will have the odd period where it improves but then illness, jetlag or injury will get in the way and I will drop back to the 10:30. However since running a half marathon in October last year I’ve been working on bringing my default pace down. One way has been doing parkruns aiming for around or under the 30 minute mark and another is keeping up with the 4 mile group on club nights. (My parkrun PB is 28:09, achieved the week after my Half Marathon and resulting in an injury flare up, which is why I don’t routinely go all out).

Tonight we started off at a fairly leisurely pace with the first mile over 10:30 but after that things picked up and the next two miles were closer to 9:40 min/mile. I managed to stay with the group most of the way; I was last back but the next group were close enough. So 4 miles in 40 minutes, which I’m pleased with. 


Running – 46.35 miles

Swimming – 2900 metres

Cycling – 9.6 miles

Core-Strengthening – 13 sessions

Tomorrow I WILL go for either a swim or a bike ride. 


2 thoughts on “Janathon Day 23 – Running Club at last

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  2. wow – super speedy well done!

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