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Janathon Day 24 – Swim/Cycle Fail


The last line of yesterday’s post said “Tomorrow I WILL go for a either a swim or a bike ride”. But today I managed to come up with some convincing excuses: It was raining and dark and I don’t have lights on my bike (I finish early on a Friday, so on a clear day I could have cycled without lights). I’m a little embarrassed about the excuse for not swimming; it involves freshly washed hair and unshaved legs…

I was trying out my excuses on a work colleague and she suggested yoga instead. So I followed her advice and did 15 minutes of yoga (I don’t know much yet so this is not as pathetic as it sounds), then I completed my full core-strengthening/physio programme. This involves:

  • Plank while alternately lifting my feet. I do three sets of 12.
  • Side lying, lifting top leg. 2 x sets of 22 on each side
  • Bridge position: Extending one leg, lower so heel touches floor then returning to bridge (14 on each side in sets of 2).
  • Side lying, clams but with feet elevated. 40 on each side.
  • Lunges: 3 x sets of 30
  • Squats: 3 x sets of 15
  • Standing on a step: Raising up on toes (both feet), lifting one foot off step then slowly lowering the heel of the standing leg below step level. 3 x sets of 15 on each foot (this is a physio exercise for my Tibialis Posterior Tendinosis).

All in all it was about 1 1/4 hours effort, which I think more than makes up for no swim or bike ride.


5 thoughts on “Janathon Day 24 – Swim/Cycle Fail

  1. Compared to all that, the swim/bike thing sounds like a soft option!

  2. Impressive! I’m wincing reading that list of strengthening torture

  3. You put me to shame, I’ve only done clams on one side today – I’d better get down on that floor and do the rest while I still have time!

  4. … I really wish I never asked about the core stuff… I feel achy all over reading that!!!!

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