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Janathon Day 30 – Running Club

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I had a whole other post planned for tonight, but I’m tired so you get this one instead:

I had a busy day at work and as a result didn’t have time to come up with excuses for not going to running club this evening. Then when I got home, instead of sitting on the sofa reading Janathon Blogs, I did some yoga, practising the sun salute. I also stretched and did my heel lifts.

At running club I joined the 7 km group again. We meet at Caledonian University which is just at the top of the hill above Glasgow town centre. No matter where we run, there is a hill on the return journey. Tonight we ran down to the River Clyde, crossing back and forth across the bridges before heading back along the Broomielaw (my favourite street name in Glasgow) and up High St (the hill). The pace was fast from the outset, pushing my limits, but I stayed with the group for just over 5km before I needed to ease off. Frequent traffic lights meant I stayed with the group for a bit longer but they were well ahead by halfway up the hill. A guy called Scott kindly stayed with me to keep me company, and stop me from getting run over.

My garmin had the run at 4.92 miles. I’m not normally a compulsive rounder upper but it seemed a bit too close to 5 miles to leave and I had a block to walk back to the car anyway. So I ran until I got that delightful mile beep and that completes my running for Janathon!

Total running: 65.48 miles

I’m quite pleased with that!

(Don’t worry, I know that January has 31 days, tomorrow is core-strengthening…again).


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