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Victoria parkrun (again again)


For the past few weeks I’ve been arranging my training so that I do my long run on a Sunday, with a parkrun on the Saturday. This means that if running at my local parkrun I don’t need to repeat the same, boring long run route and if visiting elsewhere I don’t need to find a long run that fits in. Tomorrow, however, my running club has an open day that I want to go to, so I decided to combine my long run with Victoria parkrun today.

I was aiming for 8 miles so followed one of my usual weeknight routes: 3.1 miles to the gates of Victoria park in approximately 30 minutes, followed by the parkrun in 30:13 minutes. At the end of that I was pleased with my time and still felt great so decided to run home the way I had come for a total of 9 miles, my longest run since the Great Scottish Run in October last year.

I felt so good in fact that I think I could bring my first half marathon of the year forward from April/May to March. It won’t necessarily be fast, but it will be something to aim for. I came home and looked up the Alloa Half Marathon which is on the 16th March. It’s sold out. Back to the drawing board!

I spent the rest of the day at home: a doze on the sofa, a lot of the Winter Olympics, I sewed this week’s block for my patchwork and quilting class, made a pot of soup and tried a new butternut squash risotto recipe. Quite a productive day in the end 🙂


Block for my sampler quilt

Next week I have a few days of annual leave on either side of the weekend so I’m planning a distant parkrun, Dundee perhaps?


5 thoughts on “Victoria parkrun (again again)

  1. Hey! Iv really enoyed your blog. Id love for you to followmy running journey aswell!

  2. Well done on that long run and the lovely patchwork, very productive indeed.

  3. Hooray for the long run incorporating parkrun option 🙂

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