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An Enforced Easy Run

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Yesterday I posted my slowest parkrun time of 37:38 minutes. 

I also volunteered in the position of tail runner! This is the perfect volunteering position: I got to coast around at an easy pace with a bit of walking thrown in, help out my local parkrun, and still record a run towards my goal of 50 parkruns.  The pace was fairly steady for the first lap, but thankfully a young lad at his second parkrun, with his Dad, slowed to a walk, so we eased off and we ran/walked the next two laps. He took 3 minutes off his PB and I got a much needed slow and easy run.

Victoria parkrun’s tail runner!

I’ve had another good week of running: I averaged 9:40 min/miles for my two mid week runs, the first on my own, the second with running club. I had planned to do an 8.5 mile long run today, but I was feeling good and it was going well so I made it an even 10 miles. Last year when training for my the Great Scottish Run I really had no idea what I was doing and made some fundamental errors in what I thought I could manage pace wise. This time around I’ve worked out that a 10:30 min/mile pace would result in a 10 minute PB. The advice I’ve read (Runner’s World mostly) suggests that long runs should be approximately 30 – 40 seconds/mile slower than goal pace. Today I focused on 11 minute miles throughout my long run. It blew out a bit in the middle (due to inattention rather than fatigue) but I brought it back and even managed 10:30 for the last mile, resulting in an average of 11:07 minutes/mile for the run.

24.98 miles this week, I think next week will be an ease off week. I’m looking forward to it 🙂


One thought on “An Enforced Easy Run

  1. Enforced slow run sounds like the perfect ticket! Well done on your weekly mileage.

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