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A parkrun PB!


My ankle (and training generally) has been progressing well so on Tuesday I decided to run a hilly route. The last time I ran this was before Christmas and it was such a good route that I then ran up the same hill every run for two to three weeks. I’m sure you can imagine what happened next (it involves my physio friend rolling her eyes at me. Again). So the new, Smarter Runner Me decided that a fortnightly hill session would be the absolute maximum.

All well and good until I went to Running Club on Thursday night and the group I joined chose a West End route with hill repeats. Well, I couldn’t just back out or take the hills easy once I was there could I?

I drew the line however at a third hilly run, shelving my plan for Tollcross parkrun, as the first line in the course description is “This hilly course is 2.5 laps of the park…”. So it was back to my local, flat parkrun at Victoria Park this morning.

I was not aiming for a fast run, I thought I would try to run at my goal 10k pace or 10 to 15 seconds slower. I was surprised at how easy I found the first mile at that pace, so each lap I just pressed a little hard and the result was: 27:46, my first time under 28 minutes 🙂


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