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Eglinton parkrun


I returned to parkrun tourism today with a trip to Eglinton parkrun in North Ayrshire, 40 minutes south of Glasgow. Eglinton parkrun has been going for just over a year and is held in one of Scotland’s seemingly countless Country Parks. The course is mostly on trails through woods, past farmland and alongside the River Garnock.


It has been a wet week in the West of Scotland and I didn’t bother to check the weather this morning, something that I was beginning to regret as I was driving south on the M77 in lashing rain (though in Scotland it is best not to check the forecast otherwise you would rarely leave the house!). The result was a muddy and puddly parkrun, that was very scenic and lots of fun.

I even achieved my highest result: 10th woman, and 2nd in my age category. I presume I don’t need to disclose that, at 108 it is also the smallest parkrun field I’ve been part of?


I was very glad that I had decided to put my trail shoes on for their first outing. They are well and truly christened now!


This was the 5th of the Scottish parkruns that I have visited and I know this is a big call when I’m not even half way through, but I think Eglinton in the rain might just be my favourite 🙂





4 thoughts on “Eglinton parkrun

  1. Must be quite a route to be your fav in those conditions. I was came first in my age and was thrilled till madam pointed out that I was the only one in my age category running!

  2. Congrats on your high ranking in your category. I laughed at your comment re listening to Scottish weather forecasts. That’s certainly true here in Ireland also.

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