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A (belated) March Recap


March has been a great month with the undoubted highlight being the bright, happy daffodils that are in bloom all over the country! The places I tend to see daffodils are planted on the verges of major roads around Glasgow and every time I see them, especially on my way to work, I’m grateful to Glasgow City Council that they bother!


Who cares about the grey sky when there are daffodils?

On the running front:

  • March has been my highest mileage month ever: 102.77 miles
  • Three long runs over 10 miles
  • I finally decided on my races for the first half of 2014 (here)
  • I ran my first race, scoring a 58:24 10k PB
  • A 5k PB of 27:46
  • I didn’t manage any parkrun tourism but volunteered as tail-runner at Victoria parkrun
  • I’m still doing the PTTD exercises with the Theraband on a daily basis, though I don’t often achieve three times a day.

And in other news: I baked a cake! It is a while since I made this (or any) cake, in fact I had some left over ground almonds from the last time I made it and sent my sister a text to ask if they were still ok to use although expired in 2011 (you’ll be pleased to know she said probably not).


Nigella Lawson’t Clementine Cake

I’m looking forward to lots more running in April, including the Great Edinburgh Run 10 mile on the 27th April. It will be a good practise run for the Edinburgh Half Marathon in May.



5 thoughts on “A (belated) March Recap

  1. I’ve often thought about doing the Edinburgh marathon so will be interested to hear how the half goes. Good luck !

  2. Oooh the Theraband……my physio has given me one of those too. I think it is slowly helping, ideally am meant to do 3 x 10 twice daily, but with all of the other physio exercises I have to do, there is NEVER time! Hope that your injury is healing 🙂

  3. Good point….hadn’t thought of it like that! Glad you’re getting better. It frustrates me just how long it takes. Don’t like this getting old malarkey!

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