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Edinburgh Half Marathon Taper


This time next week the Edinburgh Half Marathon will be all over and I will hopefully be lying on the sofa with my feet up. This week’s tapering was a little slow to get actively underway after I was ill at the start of the week: After my 10k PB and run home, I woke at midnight feeling dreadful and then spent the next few hours vomiting (apologies to the squeamish). I had also noticed that my right foot was slightly swollen at bedtime (unrelated to any niggles). It could of course have just been a bug, except that a similar thing happened after the Great Scottish Half Marathon last October, although the being sick happened within an hour or two of getting home. It makes me wonder if I was dehydrated, or perhaps my body dealing with the waste products of a hard run. I had no problems after the 10 mile run 3 weeks ago though so maybe it is just a coincidence. If anyone has any insight or has had a similar experience I would be curious to know.

You will see from the tag on the right of the page that I have taken the plunge and entered Juneathon 2014. I dithered a bit as I will hopefully be moving house sometime in June and will doubtless be without the internet for a period of time, but then, there is always my smart phone or Twitter or the library.

For the uninitiated: the idea of Juneathon is to run every day of the month then blog about it. Like many Juneathoners I have no intention of running everyday, but I will do some form of exercise, including running, yoga and strength training. Any form of exercise is acceptable, seriously ANY form (bar push up anyone?) with the idea of trying to make the exercise habit forming. Microblogging (ie Twitter/Facebook) is also acceptable. So go on, join us, what are you waiting for? 🙂


3 thoughts on “Edinburgh Half Marathon Taper

  1. Well done for signing up, I am still on the fence!

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