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Juneathon Day 5 – Club Run


Thursday is club night. From this week the start time has changed from 7:00 pm to 6:30 pm, which pleases me greatly. I get home from work at about 5:00 so I’m often tempted to just do my run immediately and have a bit more of an evening. Bringing the run forward half an hour will reduce that temptation a wee bit and give me an extra half hour to eat chocolate before bed.

The Plan dictated a 3 mile run for tonight, which was fine with me as I was pretty tired on my run last night and was happy for short and easy today. Unfortunately the run leaders had not read The Plan and I was forced to run 4.25 miles (forced I tell you!). 

My club, Glasgow FrontRunners (GFR), is affiliated with Jog Scotland, the leisure arm of Scottish Athletics. Last weekend I had an email from the GFR run coordinator asking me if I would like to do the Jog Scotland Jog Leader course so that I can lead groups at club runs. GFR would pay for the one day course if I was willing to commit to a year, leading runs 2-3 times a month. I felt quite honoured to be asked, and discussed the ins and outs over lunch with a couple of other run leaders and decided that I would give it a go. So this Sunday I will be spending the day learning how to be a jog leader!

Juneathon Stats:

  • Running – 12.75 miles
  • Cycling – 19 miles



4 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 5 – Club Run

  1. Oh a run leader how exciting well done you, now you make others run further than their plans-revenge!

  2. Ha ha! I like your plan! 🙂

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