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Juneathon Day 9 – Yoga


Back to yoga tonight after a 9 or 10 week hiatus. I started an eight week beginner’s class way back during the dark days of Janathon but then missed out on a place in the next term’s Level 1 class. I learnt my lesson, signing up for the next Level 1 class weeks ago. This week and next week I will do a drop in class as preparation. Tonight’s class was fine, I don’t feel I’ve lost too much in the time away, though I think my arms will be sore tomorrow.

In this class everyone uses the class mats. I don’t have particularly high hygiene standards so this is normally fine with me, only tonight there was something visible on my mat. Given the size, colour and consistency I’m going to call it out as being a booger (snot, bogey, whatever). It held my attention through much of the class and I worked hard to avoid it. Clearly not hard enough though as it was gone by the end.

I think I might put my yoga gear in the wash.

And buy a yoga mat.


8 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 9 – Yoga

  1. A mat of your own or some wipes maybe?

  2. Gadz! Bogeys!!! *shudders*

  3. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew…. {giggles}”…bogey”

    Anyway, maybe it’s like secret yoga teaching tool, makes sure that you bend/stretch properly… a strategically placed bogey right where you’d normally place a knee/hand/foot to make things easier for yourself… those sneaky yogi b*stards.

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