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Juneathon Friday the 13th


Hip, hip hooray, today is Fri-daaaay! Sadly there is no Ben & Jerry’s ice cream drizzled (smothered) with Bailey’s this evening as I ate it all during the week. Instead I am cramming my face with chocolate. Lovely, though not wholly necessary. I really can’t ever give up running or get injured for that matter as I would have several food habits that would seriously need to change.

This evening I did my usual core-strengthening along with squats, though I skipped the lunges. 

In February I wrote this post about my niggling calf/ankle injury (Tibialis Posterior Tendinosis) and plans to follow a new rehab programme using Theraband. I did the exercises and stretching fairly religiously at least once, usually twice and sometimes three times a day for about 11 weeks. After that I had continued with the twice daily calf stretching but dropped the Theraband. I had great results and was completely niggle free until the last few weeks leading up to my half marathon when the slight niggly feeling started to return (though not during runs). I made the decision a week ago to resume the Theraband exercises. This is not a decision I’m ecstatic about because the exercises are basically a pain in the arse; they irritate my foot, my neck and my arm and take up time that could be better spent sitting on the sofa with my feet up. However they were effective, and with the Loch Ness Marathon 15 weeks and 2 sleeps away I am just going to resign myself to the necessity of it. 

Tomorrow is parkrun day! Yay!!


6 thoughts on “Juneathon Friday the 13th

  1. YAY… ICE CRE… {cough.. splutter} sorry, I mean YAY PARKRUN. You planning taking on any more new parkruns this weekend?

  2. Snap! We’ve both been posting about therabands tonight!!

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