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Juneathon Day 19


Thursday again and back to running club. This evening I was co-jog leader for the 5 k group. The two girls who joined us last week for a walk/run were not there tonight. I choose to believe that that they were lured away by the offer of a park barbecue on yet another gorgeous summer’s evening, rather than the possibility that they were scared off by my excessive enthusiasm and crazy grin.

We ran through the Merchant City to Glasgow Green and back again for a very pleasant 3.71 miles.

Next week I will be solo jog leader for the first time. Eeek!!

Juneathon Stats:

  • Running:  49.23 miles
  • Cycling: 19 miles
  • Core-Strengthening: 6 x sessions
  • Yoga: 2 hours
  • Flats bought: 1

7 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 19

  1. If I went to a running club I’d want someone to be enthusiastic and grinning and welcoming so I think BBQ won out.

  2. That’s what I think too…and it was perfect BBQ weather!

  3. Exciting – all the best at being a jogging leader 🙂

  4. im thinking of joining a group… but so shy about my ability to run… where would i start?

    • You’re in England? Look up Run England. They are bound to have a group near you that has a range of ability groups. These days even Harriers or Athletics clubs have a range of groups. You can usually go along to the first night for free to give it a go. The first step is the hardest but give it a go, it can be lots of fun! Good luck!

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