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Juneathon Day 21 – It’s parkrun day all over the world!


Back to Victoria parkrun this morning for the first time in over a month. Victoria Park is next to Scotstoun Leisure Centre, a Commonwealth Games venue, so the park is in the midst of being beautified (as is much of Glasgow), and today that meant an altered route for us. The new course took us across some grass and through a grove of trees. It was soft and shady and a lovely change, on a dry summer’s day.

Also this morning I got to put a face to a Juneathon blog, meeting rundelrun from Athletic Aspirations. We arranged beforehand to wear our most recent race t-shirts, though it turns out there was more than one person at Tough Mudder 2014 as I nearly introduced myself to someone else entirely, until I spotted another contender who was stretching a hip! Gotcha.

Back during Janathon I was telling my Melbourne based brother about my plans to run all the Scottish parkruns. I then had to explain to him the phenomenon that is parkrun at which point he realised that he was cycling past Diamond Creek parkrun every Saturday morning, wondering who they were and what they were up to. This morning he finally joined the parkrun family with an outing to Westerfolds parkrun where he finished an impressive 7th in a time of 21:05.

Well done Acorn, you’re a machine!

The rest of the day was spent with pulling up carpets, cleaning, sanding, carrying junk to the car, trips to the tip and finally the fun part started when I got underway with some painting. Definitely points for cross training I think. I did stop long enough for some lunch in a park with a water view (it was next to the tip!).



3 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 21 – It’s parkrun day all over the world!

  1. scary bearded pain face… :p

  2. I had to look up to see how many parkruns there are in Scotland! Wow, that’s a lot of Saturdays! There are currently six in NZ and only one person has done them all. And only one is Tasmania until Hobart starts mid-August. I love being a parkrun tourist. All the best with visiting them all 🙂 I love parkrun 🙂 And sounds like you had a very busy Saturday.

    • I go to parkrun most Saturdays now so heading somewhere new just takes me out of my routine which is always good 🙂
      parkrun tourism is such a big thing here that I very much doubt that I will be the only one to do all the Scottish ones. I’m looking forward to adding some Aussie ones to my list, possibly next year.

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