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Juneathon Day 22 – Long Run day


I had company for my long run this morning, which was a very pleasant change. I ran to my friend Lindsey’s house, then we ran my usual 8 mile route that takes in Glasgow University, Kelvingrove Museum, Kelvingrove Park and walkway and the Forth & Clyde Canal, for a total of 11 miles for me. Lindsey is a much faster runner than me but she kindly pootled along beside me at my LSR pace. It is amazing how quickly the time slips by when there is someone to chat to 🙂

It was sunny today and so I wore my running vest, discovering this evening that my chest and shoulders are a wee bit pink. Nevermind, now when I see my mother on Thursday she won’t be able to say “You’re quite pale aren’t you?”!!

Juneathon Stats:

  • Running: 65.28 miles
  • Cycling: 19 miles
  • Core-strengthening: 7 x sessions
  • Yoga: 2 hours
  • Flats bought: 1

2 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 22 – Long Run day

  1. You’re doing amazing! Such lovely photos too. I can only dream of an 11 mile run at the moment, I am loving Juneathon for all the inspiration though 😀 xx

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