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Juneathon Day 25 – Jelly Arms


This evening I started a new 12 week yoga course. I have previously done a complete beginner’s class and a short follow on class at the same centre and have now enrolled in Level 1. There was a definite leap between the previous classes and this one and most of the people attending have repeated Level 1 several times over. We moved much faster from pose to pose with a lot more repetition e.g. plank to downward dog to plank to downward dog etc. etc.

Until recently, I believed that yoga was a slow, gentle form of ‘exercise’ that was more about meditation and relaxation. I now stand corrected: My arms were like jelly by the end of tonight’s class and I am now awaiting the inevitable and unavoidable onset of DOMS.



4 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 25 – Jelly Arms

  1. {cue dramatic music} DOM-DOM-DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMS

  2. Yoga is my BEST… i LIVE for my Thrusday classes… and hell yeah you sweat, and that Friday morning burn makes you realise that in actual fact the workout is just FAB. You can work it as much or as little as you feel… deepen your awareness, alignment and pose for a full work out! enjoy! 🙂

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