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Juneathon Day 26


I awoke early this morning, rolled over and opened my eyes to discover myself eyeball to eyeball with a rather large spider! She was sitting on my pillow!

A few years ago this would have had me screaming and running out the door until a pest exterminator (or mother with a tea towel) could be brought in. Living alone for awhile sorted that as I had to just deal with it myself. This morning I tried to get Mrs Spiddly out the window with a magazine but she was having none of that and kept running off, so I had to trap her using a roll of masking tape (closest cylinder to hand), a book on top and a piece of card slid under the roll of tape. I got her into the close and sent her out the window. She promptly came back in and I gave her another flick. Mrs Spiddly last seen hiding on the window ledge where I could not reach her.ย 

My favourite spider trapping story is from living in Tasmania and finding a large Huntsman (non venomous, quite large and hairy) spider on the wall in the bathroom. I went and got a glass to trap her with but as I got closer realised that the glass was too small! I had to get a Tupperware container after that.ย 

This evening was my first club run as Jog Leader. I was given the 5 k group which was nice and small tonight. I decided on running along the canal as it is an out and back route, has minimal roads to cross and is easy to keep track of everyone. I set out with four runners and returned with four so on that basis I’m calling it a success ๐Ÿ™‚

My parents arrive in Glasgow this evening after spending a few weeks with my sister in London. Can’t wait to see them and have prepared them for a week of cleaning and painting. They’ll love it ๐Ÿ˜‰


5 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 26

  1. I should have sent one of our cats round! He was happily munching on a spider this evening!

  2. Don’t forget to make them an awesome dessert, remember the benchmark has been set! Have a lovely time. X

  3. Well done on your first job leading experience and making sure all runners returned safely. As for the spider, well done you! The vacuum cleaner is my weapon of choice against the old huntsman. I’m terrified of them!

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