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I’m really quite tired

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Yesterday was of course parkrun day. In contrast to last week’s fresh legs and PB, yesterday was lead legs and far from a PB. I even accepted a lift home, even though it is less than a mile to run!

Today I was down as club Jog Leader for the 4 mile group, but I had 15 miles on my training plan so decided to combine them by running to the meeting point, leading the group, then running home. I worked out an ‘out’ route that was just under 5 miles, arriving at the club meeting point at Glasgow Caledonian Uni, just as the Queen’s Baton Relay was making its photo call on the campus. The Commonwealth Games are now just days away and Glasgow is all polished and buffed in readiness. 

I have no idea who these people are!

I have no idea who these people are!

Five runners joined me for the 4 mile run and we headed to the canal. As all good jog leaders should I lead from the back. Possibly good jog leaders leading from the back should actually be able to see their runners in front of them. Well, I could see them. At times. When they crowned a hill. Or there was a straight section. Talk to them? No. I couldn’t talk to them. Luckily they were all together and knew the way.

After the club run, I only had 6 miles to go. I headed home on very tired legs, making it exactly 15 miles on my Garmin by running past my front door for 0.2 miles 🙂

After showering and stretching I lay on my new sofa and slept for an hour. I’m still really quite tired!




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