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Glasgow 2014


The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games are in full swing and I can’t help feeling they’re passing me by to a bit. Full time work and training for a marathon are time vortexes! Friday was a stunning day with temperatures in the evening still hitting the high 20s so I headed down to the West End in search of Atmosphere. I didn’t find much other than people out, enjoying the sun or lining up for the Lawn Bowls, but met up with friends and enjoyed dinner and an ice cream Alfresco (this is a rare enough occurrence in Glasgow that it is worth remarking!).

This morning I met up with my friend Lindsey for a 13 mile run at half marathon pace. We decided to aim for the marathon course to try to catch some of the race. We timed it nearly perfectly arriving at the river Clyde just as the runners headed across the Squinty Bridge. 

We followed the course through the Gorbals, crossing back to the north side of the river at Glasgow Bridge, before heading home through the West End. We had plenty of our own cheers from the crowds (I stress that we were on the pavement not the actual course) which we accepted gratefully – you gotta take what you can get!

When I got home I learnt that Aussie lad Mike Shelley won!

This afternoon I had tentative plans to meet friends at Glasgow Green, but once home the sofa proved too tempting!

 Some photos from the past few days:



A glimpse of the Lawn Bowls at left

A glimpse of the Lawn Bowls at left





7 thoughts on “Glasgow 2014

  1. Is it really bad that my favourite picture from this post is the first one? 😀
    I watched the marathon from the comfort of my couch this morning and really wished I was back in Glasgow to see it. The atmosphere looked brilliant!

  2. Bespoke erotica???? Lolol!!!! Really!!!! Love it!

  3. vortexes!! You are just full of useful and apt words!
    And “bespoke erotica”?… based in Glasgow…
    “… he put his chippy doon an’ wiped his hauns doon his jaiket before grabbin’ haud of hur and winchin’ the face aff her…”

  4. Shelley was unstoppable, go the Aussies 🙂 All the best for those long runs, it can’t be easy to train for a marathon AND get all the normal things done!

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