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Running to parkrun


I needed to do my long run this weekend on Saturday and decided to combine it with a parkrun. I’ve not visited Pollok parkrun since the first of Janathon and as it was about the right distance away (4 miles) this was the one I aimed for.

I set off at 8:30 am with a list of directions, making it across the Clyde ok, but like last week, I took a wrong turn in Govan.  This time I realised quickly and ran the final 2.5 miles with my phone in hand and the Google Maps lady giving me directions. With two miles to go and just under 20 minutes until the figurative parkrun starter’s gun, I was starting to panic that I wouldn’t get there on time. Those last two miles were the fastest of the day, and probably not really ideal for a long run! But I made it at 9:30 on the knocker, just as the briefing started which gave me time to catch my breath.

I had forgotten how beautiful Pollok Park is in summer and it is such a lovely parkrun, though much hillier than my local at Victoria park. It is also much busier with 444 runners today. 

I then ran around the park a bit before heading back home, for 18.3 miles.

Pollok park 1 Pollok park 2

I’m not a fast runner and I’m ok with that. I have to admit though, that when I’m well through an 18 mile run and I get overtaken at speed, by, well everyone, I find myself thinking “Yes, but how many miles have you done? I’ve already done 16 miles you know!” I don’t say it though, I just grin to myself. Or is that grimace?

Without doubt I’m at the business end of this marathon training and it is going well (touch wood). I do have a couple of ankle niggles and skipped a run for the first time in a long time this week to give it a rest. I’m off to Spain on Friday for a week so will skip my long run (a cut back 13 miles) but still planning to do my other runs. I also plan to do lots or resting by the pool, and fueling on ice cream!


7 thoughts on “Running to parkrun

  1. Well done fab mileage. Enjoy that ice cream – daily!

  2. Am very impressed with all your long runs. Have a wonderful holiday.

  3. Am very impressed with your long runs. Have a wonderful holiday.

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