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Blue Skies


I had a fab week in Spain with my family. We stayed on the Costa del Sol in a town called Nerja, 45 minutes East of Malaga and passed the week in the pool, in the sea, lazing about with book in hand. There was plenty of eating too: bread, cheese, mangoes, peaches and ice cream. I fitted in three early morning runs, heading out just as the sun was peeking over the hills – perfect conditions before the temperatures rose steeply. I ran along the boardwalk and through the town, and along more boardwalk, ensuring I had some hill practise at the end. There was no shortage of hills to choose from.

Nerja, Costa del Sol

I got back on Saturday the 23rd, to a Glasgow with a definite chill of Autumn in the air, and ran 19 miles the next day. Forgive me for stating the bleeding obvious but 19 miles is a very long way. I’m trying not to think about how much further the actual marathon is! Thankfully I was accompanied by the Desert Island Discs of Whoopi Goldberg, Lily Allen, Judy Murray and David Tennant. Possibly not a natural quartet but a nice mix of conversation and music choices to get me through. 

Yesterday it was back to parkrun – Victoria again as my parkrun tour of Scotland seems to have been on hold since June – and was joined by quite a few folks from my running club. We took a photo op in front of the fancy gates:

Glasgow Frontrunners at Victoria parkrun

Then, to round off the catch up of the Winsome Runs last few weeks, today I had a pleasant 12 miles along the canal in gorgeous weather. 

Maryhill Locks, Forth and Clyde Canal

It is now just four weeks until the Loch Ness Marathon, with my last long run (20 miles) next Sunday. Eeek!


4 thoughts on “Blue Skies

  1. 19 miles IS a very long way, try not to think of how much more the marathon is, hard not to I know. Today I did 18 and am sure it was longer than the one I did 10 days ago! Surely it should get easier not harder!

  2. 19 miles is a long way, very well done! Those long training runs sound so epic to me! Really wishing you all the very best for the marathon. Glad you had a good holiday 🙂

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