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A Hilly parkrun


I made my second trip to Tollcross parkrun today to run up some hills. It was a much cooler morning than my initial run at Tollcross back in June, but still a lovely morning, with some of the trees beginning to show their autumn colours.

I have complained before that new parkrun courses feel twice as far as the familiar ones and this was true today as I found myself ready for each of the hills as they came along and managed to pace the run more evenly than my first attempt. I even took 15 seconds off my June time. It will do 🙂

Finish Line

Finish Line


4 thoughts on “A Hilly parkrun

  1. 15 secs off a hilly course is good going well done

  2. Thank you! I wasn’t particularly trying to go hard so was very happy 🙂

  3. Until last weekend, my PB was my first parkrun of a new course.
    I think sometimes I use the excuse of ‘pacing myself’ to translate to ‘taking it easy’.
    I need to go out hard and then just try to hang on!

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