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I am a marathoner


I did it! I finished the Loch Ness Marathon! The weather was perfect, I enjoyed myself and my time was 4:57:26!
All goals met 🙂
Now when will everything stop hurting?
(Full race report to follow)


7 thoughts on “I am a marathoner

  1. Oh well done you. Did think of you as i read an article in the runners world magazine about that marathon as I sat on my bottom in the sun!

  2. Woooo hooooo!!!! FANTASTIC!!!! Inspiring!!!! Xxx

  3. That is so good to hear!!! All your goals met too! So pleased for you xxx Not sure when you’ll stop hurting, hope you have lots of Epsom salts.

  4. Yay! Amazing!!! Hope you aches and pains ease soon 🙂

  5. Congratulations!! Well done on smashing a sub-5 on your first try!

  6. A monster achievement — well done on the sub 5 as well!

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