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Inverness parkrun

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My goal to run all the Scottish parkruns in 2014 has been on hold since June as marathon training mania took hold. However since I would be going all the way to Inverness for a Sunday marathon, it seemed silly not to go for an extra night and tick the UK’s most northerly parkrun off my list.

Inverness parkrun is held in Bught Park, on the west bank of the River Ness. Initially I had planned to drive to Inverness so did not bother with the location of my B&B in relation to the parkrun or marathon start, but by some happy coincidence I discovered that I was staying less than half a mile from the parkrun, which was the same park that hosted the marathon festival, bus pickup point and finish line. Perfect!

The parkrun is 3 laps of the playing fields, so on the upside it is flat, on the downside it is a bit boring, at least it is fringed with tress that were beginning to display their autumn foliage. The course had to be altered slightly as the marathon festival had taken over a chunk of the park, invading the usual route. And it was not just the course that the marathon festival had invaded: Of the 95 runners on Saturday, 36 were Inverness first timers!

Inverness parkrun

Heading to the start line

So I’m back into the swing of parkrun tourism and Inverness brings my total to 9 of 14 Scotti…hang on SIXTEEN SCOTTISH PARKRUNS! When the hell did Ayr and Hazelhead arrive on the scene and why didn’t anyone tell me?!

Hmmm, not so sure I’m going to make all the Scottish parkruns in 2014 after all :-I


One thought on “Inverness parkrun

  1. So many parkruns not enough Saturdays!

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