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Holidays and Trophies


Time has slipped by and somehow it is already over 4 weeks since the Loch Ness Marathon. I had 3 weeks with NO RUNNING – my longest running pause since 2011. How did I survive without going mad? I went to New York, Vermont and Boston for 10 days. I can assure you that running barely crossed my mind, I was far too busy enjoying the sights, the sounds and the food (best doughnuts ever and Maple syrup flavoured everything!)

I went for my first post marathon run on the day I landed back in the UK. 2 miles on knackered legs, but it helped offset the worst of the jet lag and a quarter of a doughnut. Since then I’ve slowly been getting back into regular running. I have entered a 10k club race on the 8th November and had planned a 6 or 7 mile run last Sunday, but woke that morning, saw the wind and torrential rain and crawled back into bed 🙂

Saturday night was the Glasgow FrontRunner’s annual award night. I had not got around to looking at the award nominees (or voting – oops!) so was very surprised to find myself nominated for several awards including Best Race Achievement for my half marathon PB in Edinburgh, and the award that I was rapt to win:

Club Member of the Year (Female)!

photo (4)         

Would you believe this is my first ever trophy? I’m going to put it on a chain and wear it around my neck 😉


4 thoughts on “Holidays and Trophies

  1. Awesome and very well deserved!!!

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