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My running has been sporadic, unplanned and pleasingly relaxed since the marathon in September, much like my blogging! Nevertheless I have still been chipping away at one of my last, big goals for the year and last Sunday, I ran up to then straight past my 1000th mile of 2014.

I was a bit apprehensive about setting this target, and in fact when listing my goals during Janathon I hedged my bets and went for 900 miles instead. So I’m very pleased with my achievement, 300 miles (and counting) more than 2013.
I wonder what I should aim for in 2015?


These shoes joined me for about 80% of those miles. I think they have earned their retirement!


One thought on “1000

  1. Well done on reaching 1000 miles and counting! I tipped over the 1000km mark but that doesn’t sound quite as good :). Keep those miles going’

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