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Perth parkrun (belatedly)


On the 06/12/14 I dragged my race buddies Gregg and Jason an hour or so north-east of Glasgow to Perth parkrun. I then procrastinated and procrastinated and procrastinated until Sunday night over TWO WEEKS LATER when I’ve finally sat down to write the blog post. Do you not admire my commitment to my sport and my blog 😉 .

Perth parkun is held in the North Inch and Riverside parks, along the River Tay. The course is described as a “pan and handle course”, though it looks a bit like someone has jumped on the handle.

Perth parkrun course

Basically it is an out and back course; the out along a paved path beside the river Tay, (perfect bird watching territory). The turn is a 90 degree left hand corner to head up the slightest of hills to return along the grassy levy bank. The day we were there the mud was conveniently frozen so my lovely new asics runners stayed relatively clean. I imagine it is a bit of a quagmire when it is 5 degrees warmer and there has been a week of rain.

It is a flat course so, quagmire not withstanding, perfect for a PB. Not quite a PB for me, but I was happy with my second ever fastest parkrun time (and over two minutes faster than yesterday’s metaphorical wading-through-mud effort at Victoria).

After the run, we headed to Gregg’s parents house to warm up, shower and be fed before heading into Perth for a wander around the pre-Christmas crowds and more food in the cafe of the local department store, McEwen’s of Perth (est 1868).

With one more Saturday between now and the New Year, it is clear that I’m not going to reach my goal of all the Scottish parkruns in 2014. But I’m perfectly ok with that: I’ve had fun visiting 11 different courses spread across the country, it has got me out of the house, I’ve seen new places, run in some very pretty locations and chatted to fellow parkrunners and parkrun tourists. And anyway, it will give me a new goal for next year.

My next parkrun will be a return to Pollok Park, Glasgow on Christmas Day. That will be my 43rd run, bringing me pleasingly close to my red t-shirt.


2 thoughts on “Perth parkrun (belatedly)

  1. I do indeed admire your commitment – if two weeks passes and I haven’t blogged, I won’t, so the very fact that you did blog seems dedicated to me.

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