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Janathon Day 5 – A Plan for Janathon


Thanks yo everyone who left comments yesterday in response to my retaining-women-in-the-running-club post. I was interested to see that our club is not alone and to read some ideas we can try to be more inclusive. The jog-leaders meeting was useful and as the only woman there I was able to share my thoughts on the topic. Interestingly, from what some of the guys said at the end, the pace and impact on many women runners was genuinely not something that had occurred to them before. So hopefully even just raising awareness will be a positive first step.

Today I have been giving thought to what I want to achieve during Janathon (this thinking may have occurred at work in place of work thinking), and I have come up with a plan: Until my marathon last year I ran 4 times per week, since the marathon I’ve generally managed 3 runs a week. For the first half of last year I was religious with my yoga, squats, lunges, planks, bridges etc etc. but once I was in the midst of marathon training I was too knackered to do more than the bare essentials. So for Janathon, to kick myself into gear, I’m going to run 5 x week and do my full core-strengthening programme on the other two days.

Today was a core-strengthening day so I’ve done squats, single leg squats, lunges, planks and bridges. Then I went through my stretching routine which has also dropped off over the past few months.

I’m feeling quite positive and motivated now that I’ve settled on a plan. Maybe there is method in this Janathon madness after all 🙂


3 thoughts on “Janathon Day 5 – A Plan for Janathon

  1. Good luck with it –sounds great.

  2. I find having a plan does make things seem a whole lot easier. Good luck with it.

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