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Janathon Day 6 – Intervals & Idiots


I had planned to spend the latter months of last year working on my 5k and 10k pace. It didn’t really happen but I did manage to work out how to set the interval function on my Garmin Forerunner watch. Despite nearly falling asleep in the car on the way to work this morning (Yes. I was driving) and then again at my desk before the caffeine kicked in, I decided tonight was the night to get into interval training.

For my previous attempt I went for 6 x 30 seconds hard, 30 seconds recovery. It felt a bit easy, so tonight I tried 6 x 60 seconds effort, 30 seconds recovery. It was definitely harder but still achievable. I wonder what the next step is? Should I increase the number of intervals or increase the length of the interval. If anyone has a favourite interval or speed session (that does not require a degree in mathematics to work out) I would love to hear about it.

I was into the home straight of my run, feeling quite smug with myself when I noticed that one of the 5 or 6 guys up ahead of me was imitating my running style as we moved towards each other. They were youngish (late teenage, early 20s) and were clearly drinking (beer bottles in hand) and spread across the pavement. I maintained my position on the pavement close to the curb as did my ape-er until we were almost touching. He stood there dancing in front of me, close enough for me to reach out and either punch him on the nose or knee him in the groin. I did neither of these things because: a. I was not sure that my punching or kneeing technique was up to scratch* and b. I was a bit scared of what he (or his friends) might do in return. So instead I asked him to get out of my f***ing way. This just resulted in much hilarity and more mocking on their part, further prompted when I asked them what their point was, before they allowed me to continue on my way.

The incident was over in minutes, and I never felt seriously threatened (though I was aware of the number of them). It just left me cross. Is it really too much to ask that I be allowed to run along a well lit street at 6 pm without being made the play thing by a bunch of drunk guys? Grrrr.

Anyway, tonight I ran 4.1 miles with 6 x 1 minute efforts

Janathon Total Running: 18.2 miles

* The last time I got in a fight it was well over 20 years ago and my opponent was my brother. Not sure that sticking my fingernails into a young thug’s arm and screaming that I’d “tell Mum when she gets home” would be considered effective self-defense.


17 thoughts on “Janathon Day 6 – Intervals & Idiots

  1. Well done you for holding your ground. Teenagers can be tiresome at times. We have one around by us who follows us from time to time. Just weird!

  2. That sounds pretty horrid to be honest – well done for keeping your cool and not being phased. People are idiots.

  3. Kids they know IT all, I would be tempted to administer violence also. Grr. Thankfully don’t get much of that in the country.
    Now on to intervals I run .12 a mile (200 metres) stop garmin walk jog back to start and repeat. Using 12 times table to know when to stop (it’s a stretch) each time I try and reduce pace!

    • Hmm that’s an interesting session. How many times do you repeat it? I think I can set distance rep on my watch (I never mastered the 12 x table and only have 10 fingers 😉

      • I do 10 repeats usually get faster till half way and then fade fast! Sure my Garnin must do that but never worked out how. I like to stop it and walk back to start and repeat. Of course i choose a down hill course!

  4. OOoh what a tough guy, how proud his parents must be, Effin idiot. Well done you for not backing down, you should be able to run in peace no matter what the time. He’ll look back on that in 10 years time and feel really embarrassed…

  5. Well done on standing your ground! Some people are so mindblowingly ignorant.

  6. Well done on standing up to them – mindless morons!!!

  7. Ugh that’s horrible! I can only imagine how threatened you felt. I had some dudes in a car yell and heckle me when I was running in Hobart and that was bad enough. Good job on keeping your cool and getting by them. I hope it doesn’t happen again!

  8. In years to come their internal organs will be all messed up whilst yours will be ticking over nicely thank you. Hope it hasn’t got you down too much.
    Intervals, 400’s are a good. Two ways 400 effort, 400 jog repeat x 8 with a warm up and cool down its about 10k. Or, 400 all out effort followed by rest then 400 all out and so on for 8 reps. I’m waffling now.. Well done today, that must have been a bit scary but you still did intervals!

    • Thank you. Do you do the 400s on the track or put the intervals in your watch?

      • On my watch, well i say that, its better on my husbands Garmin, its a 220 and it’s magic for setting your own sessions. I say this like ive done a 400 session recently. But it’s my favorite interval distance. Funnily enough ive never done a track session.

  9. Morons. Good on you for standing up to them.

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