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Janathon Day 7 – Drowned Rat


Initially I had planned for tonight’s run to be an easy 1-2 miles, my special additional run this week for Janathon. However last night I was asked if I could help lead the running club’s Couch 2 5K programme on Thursday night. This will be week 1 of the programme and there have been over 40 expressions of interest so extra jog leaders have been called in. As that will be mostly a walked session I thought I should make tonight’s run at least 3 miles.

Although today has been wet and windy all day it had eased off by the time I left for my run at 5 pm, so I decided I should really do 4 miles.

“Ha ha ha ha.” Said the weather before dumping so much water on me that I had trouble seeing where I was going. Add to the torrential rain, gusts of wind that had me running on the spot (and admittedly shoving me up the hill from behind on one occasion) that it was actually rather comical.

Today’s run: 4 miles (with wind resistance)

Janathon Total:

Running: 22.2 miles


5 thoughts on “Janathon Day 7 – Drowned Rat

  1. I love running in torrential rain majes me laugh i guess cos of the stupidness of it all! Well done

  2. I feel your pain (slightly). Weather fine in Cambridge today!

  3. I’m currently sitting on the front deck with a lovely drenching summer rain happening all around me. But it’s warm! I feel for your cold soggy run, that’ll be me in about 5 or 6 months I’m sure.

  4. A couch 2 5k running group sounds like a great idea. It’s hard to stick to on your own.

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