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Janathon Day 14 – Hills


Tonight the choice was hill sprints in the sleet or core-strengthening in the nice, dry, warmth of home.

The hills won!

There are a couple of very good hills within a mile of home and I chose the closest one (in case I needed to dash home for the loo!). It is a long hill and in the end I did six sprints to the half way point, walking back down for recovery. With warm up and cool down it came to 4 miles.


  • Running – 46.8 miles

10 thoughts on “Janathon Day 14 – Hills

  1. Well done, hill reps are tough

  2. Personally never believed the words “hill” and “sprint” should exist in the same sentence, but that’s just me

  3. Now that’s proper hardcore Janathoning, that is.

  4. Impressed by you choosing sleety hills over warm home. Great mileage too!

  5. Very impressed to choose chilly hills over core strength work inside. Go you!

  6. Really impressed with this. Keep it up

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