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Janathon Day 16 – SNOW!


I love snow. I have still not got over the excitement of waking up and looking out the window to discover the street was covered in SNOW! I finished work early this afternoon, went to the supermarket, got home, unpacked the bags, pootled about then looked out the window to see SNOW!


I’m off to the Lake District very shortly (just waiting for the load of washing to finish so I have a clean uniform for work on Monday), so not sure what I will manage exercise wise or blog wise tomorrow. Today I have done squats, single leg squats and plyometric lunges.


6 thoughts on “Janathon Day 16 – SNOW!

  1. Not keen on snow, but I like other people’s. 😃

  2. I like looking at snow, I’m less keen in being in snow (especially if I have to get somewhere).

  3. So beautiful. Have a great weekend and very impressed with your Janathon so far x

  4. Still digging the word “pootled”!! And guess im keeping the Victoria end up tomorrow 😜

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