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Janathon Day 17 & 18 – The Lake District


It turns out that my friend, Debs and I escaped Glasgow on Friday night at just the right moment: It was snowing hard and people were posting warnings on Facebook to get off the road. We ignored them and continued on our way south along the M74, then started to get texts from our friends who had left an hour ahead of us; they were crawling along between junction 9 and 12 with cars and lorries stopped in the middle of unplowed lanes. But, by some miracle,between us and them were the snow plows and gritters, and although we slowed significantly we made it to Borrowdale safely.

Saturday Alison, Debs and I walked to Castle Crags in the morning, a two hour round trip up to a Wainwright peak with views of Borrowdale and Derwent Water.

We then spent the afternoon in Keswick, wandering in and out of the shops and cafes.


This morning we went to another Wainwright peak near Skiddaw. The weather was significantly colder and icier and it was hard going in the wind. Another 2 hour round trip for Janathon!

We stopped for lunch at the Gun and Dog in Keswick for their famous Goulash (it met expectations) before heading back to Glasgow in day light, on much improved roads. There is still lots of snow in Glasgow and the pavements look treacherous – I’m not sorry I was not running this weekend!


12 thoughts on “Janathon Day 17 & 18 – The Lake District

  1. All looks and sound heavenly, that robin woukd make a fab Christmas card for next year!

  2. Fantastic photographs — thanks for sharing them.

  3. So many lovely photographs! My favourite has to be that plucky little robin!!

  4. God it was like looking at my own photos! You must have been just in front or behind us. Did you see a big white standard poodle on your walk up Latrigg?

    • I checked with my far more observant friend but she doesn’t think so – sounds like we only just missed you, too funny!

      • I think I saw you in Keswick because your jacket stood out. I am known for remembering everyone! But can’t be sure! It is incredible though! Could have ended up as REAL friends not just virtual ones!

  5. I love that you got a robin too! Robins have kept me company on all my journeys

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