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Janathon Day 19 – Writing it down


My new Runner’s World Training Journal arrived today. As you can see, it is not my first!


In early 2011 I joined a Beginner’s 10k Running Group, organised by Glasgow Council’s Running Network. I had started running for the very first time two years earlier but on my own I had struggled to build my mileage beyond a couple of miles and was very, very sporadic. I completed the Beginner’s 10k programme and ran my first 10k. I kept running through 2011 but was still sporadic, although I found it much easier to build my mileage back up after a month or so with no running. At the start of 2012 the Glasgow Running Network sent out each of its members a training diary and suddenly my motivation and training was transformed: I worked out the distance of each run on the website Walk, Jog, Run and recorded it in my journal – I liked watching the numbers grow from week to week and I was keen for there to be no gaps.

The Glasgow Running Network didn’t repeat their gift in 2013 so I had to find my own, settling on the Runner’s World Journal. I also acquired a Garmin watch which made tracking my miles a little less time consuming, and despite having the Garmin Connect website which collates my runs and can give me every and any statistic I could ever need, I still like to write my runs down and to be able to flick through the book to find the last time I ran a particular route or completed a particular distance. And my favourite part is totaling up the week’s distance and adding it to the previous weeks. I’ve still not decided on what to aim for this year… 🙂

For Janathon today I completed another round of core-strengthening activities.


2 thoughts on “Janathon Day 19 – Writing it down

  1. Lovely post, I love to read a post that looks back at the running journey. Lovely! And just awesome too!

  2. Happy new training diary!

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