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Janathon Day 23 – 2015 Goals and Races


If you’ve read the heading of this post and therefore arrived expecting a carefully planned list of races that I have entered, booked accommodation for and designated as Goal Race, B Race, Training Race, you may be disappointed (I suggest you come back in six months. Or perhaps ten). I have entered nothing.

In fact I feel completely uninspired about races this year: The races I liked best in the first half of last year – The Great Edinburgh 10 mile and EMF Half Marathon – I have ruled myself out of by inadvertently planning other (non running) things. I would sort of like to work on bringing down my 10k and half marathon times and I would like to do more trail running. These are goals. I suppose!

I have to admit that I’m a bit reluctant to enter another marathon. I had such a great experience at the Loch Ness Marathon, except for the vomiting afterwards, that I’m scared that the next experience can only be a complete disaster. “Better not to risk it”, says my risk-averse inner voice. A trail marathon somewhere stunning might tempt me…might, I’m not making any promises.

What is your favourite race? Are you planning lots of races for this year?

For the 23rd of Janathon I ran two miles on ice free, rain free pavements. It made me happy 🙂


  • Running: 58.8 miles

6 thoughts on “Janathon Day 23 – 2015 Goals and Races

  1. A trail marathon sounds tough but lovely.

  2. I really can’t see past the London Marathon right now, but I’ve got the Silverstone half in March and the Bupa 10K in May, so that’s my Spring sorted! I must admit I was tempted by an email today reminding me about the Royal Parks Half ballot…
    Glad you had a nice weather-free run 🙂

  3. I had fun doing that Tinsel Dash 10k around Finlayston Est. They’re doing another 10k in May at Chatelherault (… thats probably how you spell it) if your interested

  4. For me, this year I will mostly be running hills. The Ashby 20 (20 miles) , and Huddersfield Marathon
    – both described as hilly/challenging.
    Oh, and my son’s school’s 5k event.
    Good luck with your non-events 😉

  5. I can understand that about not wanting to do another marathon when your first one was so good 🙂

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