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Janathon Day 24 – Step, Step, Slide


Today is of course parkrun day. The forecast was for 5C and rain, which is back to normal Janathon conditions in Glasgow so I got up at my usual parkrun time, had breakfast, read my book, got dressed and was a couple of minutes early so thought I would check Twitter: Victoria, Springburn, Pollok parkruns all cancelled due to black ice. Oh.

I looked out the window. It wasn’t raining, the pavements I could see looked ok, I decided to go for a run, maybe following the ice-free route I had used on Wednesday night. I walked the length of the block while I waited for my watch to pick up a signal. I broke into a run and 4 steps later my foot slid. Eeek! Another few steps and I slid again. The ice was almost impossible to see so I headed to the middle of the gritted road and ran to the end of the street. At the next street I had to return to the pavement but I thought I would be ok as it was a busier street.

Step, step, slide. Eeek!

A few more repeats of this and I gave up and went home, walking gingerly up the middle of the street. It turns out that the parkrun marshals are wise, wise souls.

The ice was mostly gone when I walked to the letter box at midday to post a birthday card (that will, as usual, be late) but I couldn’t fit a run in until just before 5pm, when I managed 4, ice-free, rain-free miles. So I got there in the end!


4 thoughts on “Janathon Day 24 – Step, Step, Slide

  1. … I didn’t check Twitter… I turned up at Victoria… I’m a chump!

  2. Bravo on the 4 miles thought, bravo!!

  3. Well done for getting there in the end, the step step slide did not sound fun at all

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