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Janathon Day 25 – Happy Burns Night!


To get a long run in today and still go to running club I decided to run to the meeting point in town and home again, with club run in the middle. I got passed in the first mile by some club mates who offered me a lift but I turned them down and carried on, arriving just in time with 3.7 miles on my Garmin.

I joined the 5 to 7 k group and quickly discovered that I was completely knackered. We ran back into the west end and around Kelvingrove Park. My aim was to run a total of 9 miles, so when I hit 7 miles on my watch, part way back to our starting place I decided to head for home instead, timing it perfectly for a 9.15 mile run.

Today is Burns Night and I was asked to a Burns Supper (lunchtime version) this afternoon with friends. I decided to make one of my mother’s caramel slices (tray bake) to take along. Mum gave me the recipe over the phone (key ingredients: rich tea biscuits, condensed milk, butter and brown sugar) and I put it together last night. It looked wrong. I made more caramel and poured it over the top. It still looked wrong. I decided to throw it away and take a packet of chocolate biscuits instead.

Today though, I thought I should sample it before throwing it out.  It was yummy so I quickly melted the chocolate for the top. There were no complaints from my friends and I brought home an empty plate 🙂



  • Running: 72.15 miles

5 thoughts on “Janathon Day 25 – Happy Burns Night!

  1. They look delish! Well done on the miles too.

  2. And very Australian for Australia Day too, Caramel Slice 🙂 good job on the running too 🙂

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