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Janathon Day 27 – Naked Run


The plan for this evening was an interval session. On the way home from work I tried to come up with reasons to cancel/delay/avoid the run but failed to think of anything convincing so just had to do it. I set the intervals on my Garmin before heading outside: 1 x minute sprint, 30 x second recovery, repeated 8 times. But when I tried to press the go button once outside I discovered that the stupid watch had frozen. It refused to respond to anything. Bah!

I briefly considered it a good excuse to go back inside and forget all about it. Then I considered just going for an easy run. But eventually I came up with using streetlights. So I did 8 reps of sprinting between 2 or 3 streetlights (some were closer than others) followed by walking one. Repeated 8 times.


It has been 5:20 for the past 2 hours!

Total distance 4.1 miles

So not a naked-no-clothes-on run (sorry) but a naked-no-stupid-Garmin run.


3 thoughts on “Janathon Day 27 – Naked Run

  1. Intervals to fartlek great move!

  2. Well done for overcoming the temptation of looking for excuses. 😃

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