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Janathon the Penultimate


I get to finish a bit early on a Friday and today I met up with a friend and her toddler and baby. We went for a walk and collected sticks, poked the sticks in hedges, pointed at the moon, admired passing dogs and drew letters in what was left of the snow. I got an upper body workout by carrying the toddler up the hill. Then I got cuddles with the baby. I can’t think of any better way of spending a Friday afternoon.

When I got home I did half of my core-strengthening work out. Yes, I admit it, I chose the least hated half.

The temperature rose a bit this afternoon after a freezing start to the day and lots of the snow and ice has melted, so fingers crossed for parkrun tomorrow.  I have a couple of rubbish jobs to do this weekend so I’m hoping that parkrun will wake me up and get me motivated to make a start on them. I’m trying to think of other nice rewards to give myself at strategic points…rewards that don’t ALL involve chocolate and cake!

Happy Weekend!


2 thoughts on “Janathon the Penultimate

  1. Oh but the best rewards are cake and chocolate! Fingers crossed for parkrun

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