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The Last Day of Janathon 2015


The Run Director and volunteers at Victoria parkrun pulled out all the stops to ensure we got a run in today, despite quite a bit of ice on the paths. We had an altered course, our very own gritter, and volunteers to draw our attention to the unavoidable icy patches. The general advice was that it was not a day for PBs. I really hate the ice so I was happy to comply and to tiptoe cautiously through the worst bits and just manage what I could. In the end I was surprised to get a time of 29:29 minutes. In the first mile it was looking unlikely that I would get under 31 minutes! As usual I ran to parkrun and back for a total of 5.1 miles.

So Janathon has come to an end, and what have I achieved?

  • 30 Blog posts
  • Running: 84.6 miles
  • Core-Strengthening: 7 sessions
  • Yoga: 20 minutes (though I do yoga stretches most days which could probably be included)
  • Walking: 3 lovely walks, out in the countryside, chatting to friends

I ran 19 more miles than I did in Janathon 2014 but have probably done less of everything else. However I was really struggling with motivation towards the end of last year: my core-strengthening/injury management stuff had dropped off entirely and heavy rain was always the perfect excuse for not going for a run. Janathon has, without a doubt, turned this around. There were so many horrendous days early in the month where, had it not been for Janathon, I would not have gone for a run.

So thank you Janathon and thank you fellow Janathoners! Now I just need to enter some races to keep the momentum going 🙂


6 thoughts on “The Last Day of Janathon 2015

  1. Well done for fitting the parkrun in with this weather. I had a speedy relocation to fit one in myself.

    Janathon done now.
    Good luck with finding a race or two

  2. How you will blog about your race finding and running

  3. You’ll happy to know that I jogged the rest of the way to the car… wont lie, TOTALLY considered walking to the second you were out of sight

  4. Well done on getting to the end! Thanks for your blog – and good luck finding some races 🙂

  5. Well done and keep up the good work until Juneathon beckons!

  6. Awesome Janathon! I can’t imagine all this ice!

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